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Local celebrity - frequent product tester

We have a real treat with the most recent batch of seeds... we ended up with two fantastic MALES that we decided to breed out.

The first was a Grape Cream Cake male, very oily, with the smell of vanilla frosting. The Grape Cream Cake was produced by crossing Grape Stomper, Cherry Pie, and Wedding Cake.... three outstanding strains.

The second was a Citral Flo daddy, with the look and all the traits of a classic Afghani hash plant. The Citral Flo is the result of a Sour Flo crossed with a Citral Skunk.  In it's background are legendary strains like Sour Diesel, Hindu Kush, and OG Kush.

We bred them out with a handful of outstanding strains we had around.

The results were something like this...



crossed with m.a.c. = M.A.C. 1.0-2.0

crossed with Bloom Smoothie = SMOOTH OPERATOR

crossed with Cream Cake = CRISPY CREAM

crossed with Blueberry = MARMALADE

crossed with Sundance Sherbert = KID GRAPE CAKES



crossed with Fortune Cookies = CITRUS COOKIES

crossed with Mendo Purps = ELECTRIC MENDO

crossed with Temple Runtz = CITRAL RUNTS

crossed with Chem OG = CHEMICAL FLO


Hope you enjoy!